1010 ways to buy without money

Do it yourself

Invite possible donors: Your family, friends, known people, work mates, publishers, libraries…

For it you can use e-mail and social media, and of course, the most typical means: wOM & phone call.


For doing it, the 1010 Ways To Buy Without Money team will help you by sending images, texts and guidelines.


Think of a place in which lots of people pass through every day. The selling point can be just a simple table. Maybe you will need to ask permission to someone…


Apart from recollecting books and inviting people to help you, if it’s possible, send a press note to the media and bloggers. Our own experience has taught us that people easily fall in love with the project. It wouldn’t be of much surprise that the press get in contact with you.


Initially the prices and the websites are in English, but we understand that in your city or neighbourhood you need to put the prices in the language people speak there. Nevertheless, we’ve tried to write prices in an easy and understandable way.

Communication in social media and others can be made in the language in which the organizer finds more confident, of course!


It is vital that each book is documented with all the parameters established on the Excel sheet which we will attach.

Each book has a reference number (CityYear_booknumber) Eg: Bcn2013_0001.jpg

Details of the donor:
Name, city of residence and details of the person. Optionally you can take a picture of the donor with their book.

Details of the book:
Title, Author and Price. It is very important to take a picture of the book, at a good angle and with a white background and at a width of 800 px of resolution in order to load them onto the website.

Once we have the book photographed and referenced, a price has to be chosen, trying to keep it in line with the style of the book to be priced. For this, you can chose the prices which are on the website or create your own, preferably in English.

Details of the buyer:
name and details of the person. It is important to have a confirmation of the payment: Those that can be paid in the moment can be documented with a photograph or with a video.

The book should not be given to the buyer until the payment has been made.

For those that can’t pay the book in the moment will have to be reminded of by the 1010 ways team, and they will have to send confirmation of their payment either by photograph or video.

In each of the cases, a photograph will be taken of the buyer with their book. If the person doesn’t want to show their identity, a picture of them with the book covering their face can be taken.


The stall:
Try to get the message ‘buying without money’ across to the people clearly: you can use posters, signs, placards which are available for download from the web or whatever you have at hand.

Sale parameters:
Not everybody can buy all of the books, for example, someone who doesn’t smoke can’t buy the book for the price of giving up smoking. It is important to respect this point. We only sell one book per person.

Take photos through out the event (The people, the books, etc.)
It is vital to document all of the steps to make sure the event is successful.

Once the event has finished, send us all of the documentation referenced ready to be uploaded onto the web and for your collaboration with 1010 ways to be diffused.